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We hold weekly swim sessions on a Monday evening at the Fresh Fitness Pool, Richmond Drive, Skegness. The sessions are for 1 hour and we have sole use of 2 lanes to accommodate novice and experienced swimmers. A typical session will include a warm-up, drills to improve technique, fitness sets and a warm-down. Don't worry, you don't have to be a confident swimmer as we plan the sessions to suit all abilities. These sessions are designed to improve your swimming no matter what your current level is. 



When: Every Monday

Venue: Fresh Fitness, Richmond Drive, Skegness


6:00pm - 7:00pm (Coached)

7:00pm - 8:00pm (Free Swim)






Most Sunday Mornings from the Fresh Fitness Centre


Please check our Facebook page for further details.

Through the summer months we run coached sessions alternating between cycle training, run training and brick sessions. Weekend social rideouts and brick sessions are also planned regularly.


Through the winter months we run weekly indoor Turbo sessions, where you can bring your bike and turbo trainer along for a group session that will improve your pedal technique, posture on the bike and will most certainly build your cycle strength and aerobic fitness.


We can also assess your bike fit which will help you increase power and efficiency, whilst reducing strains and injuries.

As with the Bike our run sessions are held within the outdoor sessions that are run regularly throughout the year. The run sessions primarily focus on improving run technique through various drills and fitness using interval training.


We also look at running off the bike and running with the bike, to train the legs to adapt to the bio-mechanical change that takes place when you stop cycling and start running. Also practice running with the bike helps you to control the bike and speed up transition times.





When: Saturday

Venue: Fresh Fitness, Richmond Drive, Skegness

Time: 10.30



Qualified Coaches

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