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I'd really like to do a triathlon but I can't swim very well and it puts me off. What can I do?


This is a common issue and even the more experienced triathletes still get nervous about the swim. The best thing you can do is just come along to a club swim session where you can discuss with our coach your swimming concerns and receive support from other members. If you can swim then you CAN improve and become more confident. If you cannot swim at all, then we can put you in touch with a member of staff at Fresh Fitness, that will be able to advise and help you get started with swimming lessons.



There are 3 disciplines to triathlon, how much gear and equipment do I need?


OK, triathlon can become expensive but it doesn't have to be. When starting out you don't need the best this and that. Here's a list of what you will need, to allow you to do your first triathlon. How much you spend on each of these items, is up to you and your budget.


Swim - Goggles, Swim Hat, Swim Wear/Tri Suit, Wetsuit (open water swims only)

Bike - A (road worthy) Bike (road, mountain or hyrid), Helmet, Glasses, Cycle Shoes and Clip-in Pedals (if clipping to your pedals) or Run Shoes, Suitable Clothing/Tri Suit

Run - Run Shoes, Suitable Clothing/Tri Suit


I've always thought about doing a triathlon but my fitness isn't great, could I still complete one?


Unless you have a serious condition of some kind (and even then that may not have to stop you) then the beauty of Triathlon is that anyone, at any age and at any fitness level can take part. Of course the fitter you are the faster your times become but once you start the race it is just you against the clock. As for those watching, no one will know what position you're in, as in most cases, triathlon races have staggered starts. So in effect you don't need to be fit to start triathlon training but triathlon training will make you fit. Our sessions are designed for all fitness levels, so you won't feel left out if your fitness level is low and you won't be held back if your fitness level is high.


I've competed in a triathlon before and usually train either on my own or with a specific group for running/cycling/swimming. How would I benefit from joining this club?


Skegness Triathlon Club is there for Triathletes. To help them improve their technique over all 3 disciplines and to become fitter, faster and stronger. We look at each discipline from a triathletes view point and not just as a stand alone sport. We plan sessions to train your body to manage increased intensities and endurance that triathlons are renowned for. You will be able to practice triathlon specific aspects such as transitions and be in a group of other triathletes which will help with your mindset and learning process. As triathletes we are different, we push ourselves further and by being part of a club that understands that, will mean that the goals you set and the results you want, will just be that little easier to attain.

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